Teaching and Coaching

My Methodology

I apply a balance of communications science with practical application and best practices from more than 25 years of corporate experience, so that clients, students and workshop attendees of all skill and experience levels can make good choices for themselves, their teams and their business.

Individual Coaching

As a trusted advisor to the C-suite, I often coach executives in effective communication, presentation and leadership to key internal and external stakeholders. I strive to create a shift in thinking and mindful approach to situations as well as delivering tools and techniques for lasting, personal and sustainable change. I coach communication executives on best practices to work with business leaders, and business leaders on understanding how to optimize their own communication skills and those of their teams.

Team Training and Workshops

  • Strategic Communication

  • Marketing Communication and Branding

  • Interpersonal and Business Communication

  • Client-Facing Communication

  • Credible and Authentic Leadership

  • Organizational Communication

  • Change Management and Change Communication

  • Media Training and Interview Preparation

  • Giving and Receiving Feedback


I have been an Adjunct Professor for 15 years, teaching in the M.S. Strategic Communication program at Columbia University and the M.S. Integrated Marketing program at New York University. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience and helping others be great. I am available for instructional design, team training and to work with individuals on their communication and leadership skills.


"Professor Dixon is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate professors I've had [at Columbia University] ... She has so much to offer and cares so much about ensuring that her students are truly learning what they are interested in learning and have the opportunities for further exploration. She makes information clear, is very accommodating and understanding of students who have less experience or knowledge and ensures that the class as a whole is fulfilled by what they learn.”